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Briony Donna Bella

( 26.2.89  – 10.2.03 )

Ragstone Rommel x Bhali Ritz

Bred by CS Hepplestone


Kes entered our lives back in Feb 89, a small bitch with a big character, she taught us a lot about the breed, She loved to work and accompanied Carl on many shoots from as far as Fife in Scotland down to Norfolk. Although neither of us are very competitive, we managed a stud book number after Kes won a Novice Field Trial back in 1991. We had 1 litter from Kes when we mated her to Sh Ch Vedanta Vice of Akateze, we kept the only bitch in the litter Forgun Face Value and the first homebred to carry the FORGUN Affix.




Fleetapple Robinia

( 6.11.90 – 26.3.03 )

Ragstone Rommel x Fleetapple Woodash

Bred by Di Arrowsmith

Robbie joined us in1991, So with Kes & Megan our Lurcher brought the total number of dogs to 3, all 3 certainly kept us on our toes, It was fortunate that our move up to Scotland brought some fantastic walks, we had some fun times in the short time we were there. Robbie taught me the ropes in the show ring & during her limited show career we were able to qualify her for Crufts, but her passion as her lines suggested was working and she often accompanied Carl rough shooting. She was very easy going and never ever drew attention to herself a lovely girl. We had 2 litters from Robbie and from her second to Ch Monroes Assatis we kept a dog Forgun Fifty Five (deister).



Forgun Face Value

(24.12.93 – 10.2.01)

Sh Ch Vedanta Vice of Akateze


 Briony Donna Bella

Fay was the first to bear our affix, and from the start she showed great promise in the show ring. She picked up a string of best puppy awards and BOB’s at open level and with several wins at championship show’s was able to gain her junior warrant, stud book number and 1 challenge certificate and 1 reserve challenge certificate. Fay was also worked on rough shoots through the season showing a natural working ability inherited from her dam Briony Donna Bella . We had 2 litters from Fay, the last litter to Sh Ch Khamsynn Cool for Cats owned by Adrian & Lesley Rutland, produced for us Jinny - Forgun Future Quest and for them Mattie - Forgun Fun to Run with Khamsynn, 2 CC’s, We sadly lost Fay to soon after her second litter.



Forgun Fifty Five

(12.9.95 – 23.3.09 )

Ch Monroes Assatis x Fleetapple Robinia


A faithful & enthusiastic shooting companion, working in the beating line on our local shooting estate and on other shoots throughout Lincolnshire and Norfolk, sadly no longer with us and missed greatly. Sire of our own Forgun Femtio Fem (Rune) and also sire of a litter in Holland by A.1 some of his progeny from this mating have achieved some notable awards in the show ring and in the field of which we are very proud.


Forgun Future Quest

( DOB 5.11.2000 )

Sh Ch Khamsynn Cool for Cats


 Forgun Face Value


Jinny was shown with some success as a puppy, qualified for Crufts 2 years running, tried a paw at fun agility, and also accompanies Carl during the season in the beating line on Tumby Estate, she has also past her KC Bronze award.  We had a litter from Jinny in 2003 mated to our own working dog (deister) Forgun Fifty Five, we kept a bitch from this litter  - (Rune) Forgun Femtio Fem.



Forgun Femtio Fem WGC

( DOB – 19.5.03 )

Forgun Fifty Five x Forgun Future Quest



Rune is from the last litter we bred, a lovely silver grey package, a keen little hunter, very biddable like her grandmother, has just started going out with Carl on the shoot this season, we have done some training with her and pleased to say she has passed her Bronze, Silver and Gold award’s with the KCGC Scheme, she’s our little star !!! In May 2010, we entered a KC WGC day for pointing breeds at Catton Park, run by the HPRBA , 11 dogs were entered with 2 deemed ready on the day , Rune being one of them.



 Khamsynn Crystal Maze in Forgun

     ( DOB – 23.11.05 )

Ch Easdale Ridge


 Forgun Fun to Run With Khamsynn JW


Maisy joined the FORGUN kennel in January 2006, when we heard that Adrian & Lesley Rutland were going to mate Mattie to Ch Easdale Ridge we had to have a puppy, this young lady has full on enthusiasm for absolutely anything but the show ring, despite this she managed to get a stud book number , not an easy thing to achieve these days so we feel very lucky to have been awarded this. We are doing a little gundog training now so Maisy has a reprieve from showing, she has already spent a day with Carl in the shooting field towards the end of last season 2009. Maisy has past her Bronze, Silver, and Gold KCGC awards.



Forgun Fifth Dimension

  ( DOB – 19.5.03 )

Forgun Fifty Five x Forgun Future Quest


Well we thought we were going to settle with the 3 girls for a few years, then out of the blue comes Apollo, has come back to us after 6.5 years, from our very last litter, a very sweet boy, and so remind’s us of his father, and we did miss having a male around, he found it quite a shock living as an only dog and then moving in with 3 girls but he’s settling in nicely now, he was looking for a home but we have decided now he can stay, so with our crew of four wei’s we feel that maybe this will be our last family group !!!